Sunday, 15 September 2013

My little guy

Yay, the sun is shining and, very thoughtfully so, on a Sunday so that we may enjoy our outdoor pursuits even more so.  I’m pleased to see the sun again, I was not ready to file away the flip flops in the understairs cupboard just yet.
Life is so much better under a blue sky – reminds me of our lovely summer together.
The complex where we stayed had two pools, and ours was the quieter one at the back. We had the pool pretty much to ourselves for much of the time and it was deep – a good couple of feet over the boys’ heads. One day, Max and I were bobbing around in the blue.
‘Mum, I can reach the bottom!’
‘Wow, I’m impressed Max’ (I really was as I’m afraid of heights so looking down more than six foot, whether wet or dry, gives me the willies)
‘Yeah, I touched the bottom with my, um...with the palms of my feet’

The palms of his feet :)


Oh, and speaking of funny things 11 year olds say, it was on this holiday that Max heard us use the word tourist and asked what a tourist was. We explained, using ourselves as examples. 

'Oooooh' he replied pensively 'I always get tourists and terrorists mixed up'

Well, you might only do that once on a plane Max!

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