Saturday, 7 September 2013

The One Where I Started It Again

So this is awkward. Four years after posting my last blog and here I am, casually adding to it, hoping that nobody will notice that my little boys have grown into six footers, who hold their own NI numbers and driving licences...A lot has changed in four years, so this blog is like a before and after (except without Gok and my make over shots will probably not be so kind).
And it’s precisely the fact that time IS flying that I've made the decision to start capturing the events, funnies, plans, angst and memories.  It’s not a surprise that my own life pretty much has revolved around the boys’ for the last 17 (ahem) years, which is my choice and a choice I’m happy with. I love being mum. And the boys are all off busy doing ‘life’ (yes, lying in a pit with the curtains closed until 1pm watching Two and Half Men, with one eye on FB, DOES constitute as being ‘busy’ I’m told), I want to get some of the good stuff down for them to read later.
So, four years, here’s the speed version:
  • We eventually did move house and now live in the one featured in the last post. Because of our house number we affectionately call it ‘The Orals’.
  • Within a week of moving I accepted a job at the local secondary school as Learning Support, which was a drop in pay but a rise in satisfaction.
  • Four became five as we all started our lives residing With A Man. Books were bought and digested about how to make that adjustment, sharp intakes of breath were heard as the fumblings of what was considered appropriate, or otherwise, was worked out.  And we lost our garage to lots of bikes and accompanying ‘stuff’.
  • Our beloved Ollie now rests in the back garden under a heart-shaped jasmine :(
  • Luke and Ellis are in Sixth Form.
  • Max has started secondary school.
  • My sister had a baby!
  • I turned 40 (gulp) and tasted life outside of Europe.
  • I broke my back (yes, really)
  • And my heart also broke, as we lost my wonderful, beautiful mum and the boys’ funny, generous nan. Life changed forever.    
That's it, in a nutshell. I'll attempt to fill in the blanks as I go. So this is for you, boys, to read how to and how not to parent, how to enjoy and appreciate the finer [free] things in life and what made me laugh my socks off whilst you were finding your way in this crazy world. 



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