Sunday, 8 September 2013

Pugs and Poses

Friday saw Ellis don his impossibly slim fit suit, meet up with his 15 year old peers and enrol at The Glassworks for their Sixth form courses. Ellis will study, amongst other things, Law as he wants to be a lawyer. Not sure how I feel about that but boy, did he look dapper:

Also, we have a 13 year old Peugeot 106 on the drive, which does not belong to me nor to the other adult in the house but belongs to MY SON! Yep, Luke passed his driving test after only 15 hours of lessons and with two faults only. (To be fair, he has been on the road for a year, mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ing around Folkestone with other trainer-wearing ‘ped users). He sold said moped, saved up his coffers and purchased his first car. And she is a beauty, as far as first cars go – she’s low mileage, FSH and very few body marks. But of course she cannot be driven anywhere as Luke can’t afford the insurance.  So he can only occasionally sit in her, listen to his bombastic ghetto blastastic- something-or-other and get out again. Bless.
Such is his keenness to get the beast on the road there isn’t anywhere in a 15 mile radius that he hasn’t applied for a job to.  You name it; cafes, the Co-op, Wickes, Ralph ‘Lorren’ and even Trev’s Cycle Centre, whom I’m guessing has a comprehensive range of employee benefits (company bike and extended inner tube warranty, anyone?) And so it was with great excitement that he was summoned to DIY emporium B&Q  on Friday for an ‘interview’. Which lasted three hours, involved serving live (and quite probably totally bewildered) customers on the shop floor, a team building exercise and an extensive grilling in a one to one interview – all for a part time job stacking pots of Pink-a-Boo paint and lugging 4-be-4 around. So, I was impressed, both that he got through the day without rejection and with B&Q’s recruitment policy. We had similar at TTA as I remember; yeah, yeah, good keyboard skills are great but can you make a good cuppa and get the deli order correct?  ;)

And so we wait. Wait to hear if my son will begin a career where he has to wear the world’s biggest name bag and will FINALLY get to drive his own car. And we look forward to Ellis busting out his catalogue poses every morning in his very slender, shiny suit. 

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