Sunday, 31 May 2009

I wrote this entry on 06.05.09 but forgot to actually paste it into the blog, doh!

I cut Luke and Eli’s hair last night, both were pleased with the result. Max has (finally) joined a football team! He plays left midfield for U7s Dynamo. He’s a slow starter compared to his brothers and other boys I know, but I’m really pleased that he’s finally found his confidence about playing in/amongst a team. His first match is on Saturday and I’m gonna miss it because ... ...I’m not going to be a fat bridesmaid on Saturday, wahoo!! Nikki, my best friend, marries Greg on Saturday and I’m sooooo excited for her. At Christmas I couldn’t fit into my bridesmaid dress and vowed to lose enough weight in time for the big day, which I did – a stone don’cha know – and I’ve even had to ‘chub up’ a bit! And today after school I took all three of my boys shopping, which was an experience that I, frankly, was dreading as tired, hungry, bored children in numbers do not usually make for a successful shopping spree, but wedding outfits, football boots and school shoes needed to be purchased....and as it turns out we bought everything needed and in the process we had a ball, I loved, loved, loved the boys company, their opinions on clothes, the fact that we found everything we needed with the price tag that matched and we all came home happy bunnies.

I don’t often spend much quality time with Lukey, as he finishes school so late in the day but today I really wanted to make a note that we had a giggle today, we shared chocolate and frustration at Max’s spoilt behaviour, we chose clothes together and he’s just this minute come into the lounge and, silently, offered me his last piece of millionaire’s/millionaires’ shortbread, he’s my little – big – man.

The wedding has come and gone and was delightful, Nikki and Greg put on a fab day and they are so, so happy - congratulations to them and their sausage of new life.

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Paula said...

LOL at millionaire's/millionaires' - it's back to the pie debate! Have you noticed that it always comes back to food! x